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At Postorino, Safety is Everyone's Job!

Ensuring the safety and well-being of our clients and team members is of the utmost importance to Postorino Construction Finishes. Regardless of the project size, a project manager and team foreman  perform a detailed safety analysis of each work environment for potential hazards prior to the start of work. This information is shared with the client as well as any partner contractors to make certain all are on board for the most effective safety plan. The Postorino safety manager also performs regular safety checks until the successful completion of the project.

Our team members are extensively trained and well-versed in our safety handbook – a copy of which can be found at each and every worksite. We also believe that a clean worksite is a SAFE worksite! You can be assured that all Postorino team members will be uniformed, clean, and utilizing the proper equipment guaranteeing the safety of both you and them. Equipment and supplies are also well organized and properly at hand increasing efficiency and productivity.

Postorino Construction Finishes is fully insured. We stringently follow all safety guidelines set forth by OSHA and our union partners. Safety signage, barriers, tarps, and other precautionary apparatus are put in place to make sure your business remains safe and tidy until your project is finalized. Our equipment is modern, kept clean, and maintained on a scheduled basis. Precautions are taken for all supplies and materials used during a project with MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) always on
hand for reference.

For Postorino Construction Finishes, safety is first and foremost. We are your premier, full-service, SAFETY ORIENTED, construction finishing company!

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